Adding water features to the garden

March 15th, 2024

Seattle Times - At Home Section

Courtney will walk you through her design process and offer professional advice on how to create thoughtful gardens from the ground up, spaces that are inspiring, inviting, and unique to you and your home. Her course will help you master basic landscape design principles.

Fine Gardening - October 2022

"A Tale of Two City Gardens"

Issue #207 Big-Impact Ideas for Small Spaces - 

A front yard that makes a good first impression.


Seattle Times - At Home Section

A front yard that makes a good first impression.


High-Performance Plants for Shade

If you’re a gardener, you know all too well that the zeal for amazing plants is real. And thanks to renowned Washington-state-based plantsman Dan Hinkley, most gardeners need to look no further than their local garden center for new and exciting selections.

For more than 25 years, Dan has been traveling the globe in search of high-performance plants for use in gardens big and small. For garden designers, Dan’s plants are invaluable throughout the landscape, adding amazing textures, colors, and forms. In this video, designer Courtney Olander sat down with Dan to talk about some of his favorite plants, which are available in the Dan Hinkley Collection, offered since 2007 by Monrovia—North America’s leading grower of premium landscaping plants.

Link to video produced by Fine Gardening and Monrovia - High Performance Plants for Shade


     Garden Gate Magazine

       Spring 2021 - Containers Made Easy!  

Gargen Gate Magazine - September 2020

Mid-Century Garden Makeover

Photos by Garden Gate Magazine

Fine Gardening - April 2020 Issue 192 

"Create a Garden with Personality"

Photos by Doreen Wynja

Fine Gardening - October 2019 Issue 189.

Contemporary Cool:  A Lush Modern Garden Design  - A few steps can make your modern design lush and inviting.

Photos by Fine Gardening

Fine Gardening - February 2019 Issue 185

Photo by Doreen Wynja

Featured in the Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine, Outdoor Living issue. February 2019 - Outdoor Living 2019: Charismatic Colors blend with special spaces in a Windermere garden that nurtures gratitude.