Check out these gorgeous driftwood mounted staghorn (or elkhorn) ferns, Platycerium bifurcatum, created by Matti at Far Out Flora in San Francisco.  They’re modern, yet have a 70’s vibe to them and can function as interesting wall art in the home.  Try grouping a few of these together for a more dramatic (and jungle-like) effect.  Be sure to peruse Far Out Flora’s site.  The color alone will knock you off your feet.

To care for staghorn ferns, here are few simple instructions.

They like bright light so place them within 5 feet of a window that receives sunlight.  However, the light should be filtered or non-direct to prevent burning the plant.

Staghorn ferns prefer frequent watering, 1 to 2 times a week should do it.

They also do best with higher humidity levels, so if the air in your home is dry (think winter when you have the heater running on a regular basis), give the plant a little misting every other day or so to help fulfill its humidity needs.

They’re slow growers, so you won’t have monster plants hanging from your walls.

And last but not least, Enjoy!  Your friends will be impressed by your living wall art next time you throw a party!