The outer spirals of this design represent the full moons of the year and is made with green and black pebbles and iridescent glass marbles.

Two nights ago I attended an NHS lecture by Jeffrey Bale, titled, “The Pleasure Garden”.  And what a pleasure it was!  Audible gasps, oohs and ahhs filled the room with each flip of a slide.  Talk about inspiration!JBaleSteps

Jeffrey Bale is a garden designer living in Portland, Oregon who has become known for his pebble mosaic designs. Not only is each work absolutely stunning and mind boggling in terms of the time and concentration it must have taken to design and construct but they are full of meaning.  His designs aim to connect with the site’s natural history as well as create a space for meditation and relaxation.  Through 30 + years spent traveling the globe during the winter months, Jeffrey has gained a particular interest in natural systems and universal symbols.  He describes his own garden patios as a series of mandalas, medicine wheels, dividing cells, quantum energy waves, snakes, spirals, eyes, and stone flowers.

Jeffrey’s work includes fountains, pathways, walls, steps and mosaic tiles.  To see more of his spectacular designs visit Jeffrey Bale Garden Design.