This is the best way to ensure your project comes to fruition as intended.  As part of this service I will provide:

Recommendations for trusted contractors and bid procurement.
Selection and procurement of all materials including, stone, water features, pots…
Regular site visits to check on progress and adherence to original design intent.
Unlimited availability to answer questions from both the contractor and client.
Plant procurement and onsite placement.
Final walk-through to ensure all details are complete.
Maintenance plan.
6 month check up to discuss the garden’s growth and any adjustments needed.

Project oversight services help ensure the process is smooth from start to finish.



It’s often necessary to provide the contractor with additional details in the form of construction drawings. These are documents detailing how a particular garden feature is meant to look and be built. It’s especially important for features such as arbors, trellises, fences, gates, pergolas, water features and detailed paving and concrete features. It generally takes between 3-6 hours to complete these and varies depending on complexity. The fee for construction drawings is $100 per hour.