When the home-owner told me she wanted space for edible gardening, she wasn’t kidding.  I warned her vegetable gardens can look sad and tired in the winter. “A bare patch of dirt”, I told her.  Boy, was I wrong.  On a recent stop during a typical rainy January day, I was blown away by the color and sheer abuncance of what was growing in her vegetable garden – several types of kales, cabbages, leaks…  It was a reall eye-opener.  As a fail safe, when designing the garden I was sure to include some evergreen plants for structure and year-round color.  In the summer, pollinators burst from the planting strip and among the edibles to help maximize productivity and benefits to birds and insects.  Instead of a fence, espalliered apples act as a barrier to the sunken driveweay, trellises support vines loaded with squash and gourds.  Pots dot the garden filled with herbs for cooking.  I can’t wait to watch this garden grow and charge with not only the seasons but years.  Thank you for letting me be a part of this fun project!