Year after year, I’m impressed by the horticultural extravaganza that is the Northwest Flower and Garden Show – the 2014 show was no different.  Between the awe inspiring show gardens, the floral displays and vendor booths, it’s exactly the jolt to my “garden battery” needed at this time of year!  However, while I’m walking the floor of the show I actually find it to be a bit over stimulating – a visual overload of color, textures, sights and scents!  It’s not until I get home and sift through my pictures that I can really take stock of what stood out and what trends have emerged or stayed relevant.

Seductive Succulents

Succulent vendors at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Succulent vendors at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show


While gardening and designing with succulents can’t be considered a “new” trend, it’s interesting to see how popular these little drought tolerant beauties remain.  The level of sophistication with which they’re used in arrangements, floral displays, vertical gardens, containers gardens and landscape design only continues to rise.  I wanted to share just a few of the highlights from this year’s show.

The vendor display by The Buschart Gardens in Victoria British Columbia showcased a lovely vertical garden of three succulent filled panels.  Here’s a close up of two panels.  So simple, but so elegant. 


Succulent display - The Buschart Gardens

Succulent display – The Buschart Gardens


Ravenna Gardens in Seattle’s U Village also had an amazing selection of succulents.  The designers at Ravenna always do a stunning job of showcasing the variety of ways in which succulents can be used – in vertical gardens, arrangements and in terrariums to name a few.

Ravenna Gardens Display

Ravenna Gardens Display


The small space show gardens are always one of my favorite stops as I tour the show.  With ever increasing  value and importance being placed on small space gardening due to urban dwellers desire to have their very own patch or nature – whether it be on a balcony, a side patio or simply their front entry – it’s fascinating to see what these garden creators come up with for an approximate 6ft by 8ft space.

Bellevue Nursery  did a superb job with a display reminiscent of an elaborate potting bench with a sophisticated palette of silvers and white.

Bellevue Nursery - Small Space Show Garden

Bellevue Nursery – Small Space Show Garden


My personal favorite of the small space gardens was the display put together by POT Inc, located in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I’ve written about their amazing work in a past blog post and this arrangement only builds on their amazing talent.  The teal and aqua blue tones echoed throughout make it an especially inviting space.  Who wouldn’t want to relax in that lovely chair and be transported to a sunny southern coastal location… whew, I lost myself in thought there for a second.  Speaking of the chair, it was designed by Revolution Design House in Portland, Oregon, where you can find gorgeous wood containers, bird feeders, candle holders and more.    Also, be sure to check out POT Inc’s., POT Shop where you can find the incredible hover saucers featured in this display.

POT Inc - Small Space Show Garden

POT Inc – Small Space Show Garden


If you’ve never been to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, be sure to put it on your calendar.  Next year’s show will run February 11th through the 15th.  Will succulents still rein, or will a new trend in gardening and landscape design emerge?  I already can’t wait.  Let me know what you found interesting at this year’s show.  I’d love to hear.

In the meantime, all this creativity has me inspired – there’s work to do!