Two weeks ago I had some friends from Southern California visiting.  I wanted to give them what I consider a true Seattle experience, so we decided to explore Ballard.  As we strolled down Ballard Ave NW we came upon a little shop of horticultural curiosities.  The Palm Room, with it’s impeccably displayed selection of succulents, epiphytes, tropicals, containers, geodes, art and more, satisfies both the plant lover and the design enthusiast.  As the homepage to their website reads, “The Palm Room serves as a link between you, your home, design and nature.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The Palm Room

The Palm Room


Brandon Peterson, garden designer and owner of The Palm Room, obviously has a keen design eye.  Metal topped lab tables and glass shelved cases work to present each plant as a precious specimen.  He gets the importance of aesthetics and layout.  By just stepping foot in his shop you’re entering a special little world where plants with names like burro’s tail, sting ray and bird’s nest are commonplace.


Potted plants, art and glass vessels containing plants can be purchased ready-made or assembled on the spot.  It’s a perfect place to find a unique gift for that friend who has everything or in my case the friend who has the perfectly edited home.  These contemporary and easy to care for delights will surely please.  Brandon also offers design services, consultations and terrarium workshops.

If nothing else, it’s worth stopping in to breathe in the moist, plant scented air – a true oasis and an opportunity to be transported to a tropical wonderland on a cold Seattle day.

PalmRoom 7

Palm Room 6

Palm Room glass case